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Posted: 26 Jun 2012 03:33 PM       Subject: Does She Really Appreciate You?
Does she really appreciate you?

Fire burning inside my chest
Quick get some water
Kill the fire inside me
I can't take this anymore
Up all night tears running down my face
Going through life wishing you would just listen to me
You will never get it
I could write it in bold letters in the sky
And you'd still look like a lost puppy
You will regret ever losing me
Trust me you'll never meet anyone
As sweet and sincere as this chick
I laughed so hard when you said
You finally found a girl that really
Appreciates you
Isn't it funny that I was here
Through everything
And some stranger automatically appreciates you
She automatically is your true love
You have so much growing up to do
I thought you were smart
I thought you were well mannered
I was blinded by lies
I'm finally seeing your real true colors
And it's making me sick just knowing this is the person you are
What did I ever see in you?
Why would you waste my time?
I don't deserve this I deserve better
It's time for me to go and get better
I use to tell you I hope you have a wonderful life
Well right now I just don't even care anymore

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