A Christmas Story

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Chapter 1

It was two days before Christmas and Jenny had a plan, after school she was going to buy presents for her mom, dad and little sister. She had saved all her babysitting money from the last two months. She planned on buying something for herself too.

As she walked through the snow to her house she thought about how much she loved this time of year. It was beginning to get dark and some of her neighbors had their Christmas lights on. She loved the smell of pine trees and the beautiful white snow.

During dinner, the phone rang. Jenny answered it. It was Mrs. Johnson, her neighbor, she asked Jenny if she would mind babysitting for her two young girls-Nimue and Roxy. Mrs. Johnson was always busy working. Jenny often babysat for them but she had other plans. She told Mrs. Johnson she would think about it.

Jenny hurried through dinner. She was looking forward to spending sometime alone with her mother.

There was a Santa Claus ringing a bell at the entrance to the mall. Jenny put some money in the pot. She was reminded of how important it is to help other people who are in need.

The mall was decorated with a huge Christmas tree and scenes from "A Christmas Carol". Christmas music played in all the stores. Jenny felt very excited because Christmas was coming and all she could think about was Christmas.

It didn't take long for Jenny to do her shopping. She and her mom had an ice cream cone when they were finished. Jenny called Mrs. Johnson on her cell phone and told her she would baby-sit.

Jenny woke up early on Christmas Eve. After wrapping all of her presents, she went over Mrs. Johnson's house to baby-sit. Mrs. Johnson was very grateful because she had a lot of work to do. Jenny and the two girls kept busy.

After playing some games, they went outside. They built a fort and a snowman. Jenny even joined in one of their snowball fights. The morning went by quickly. She was glad she had come over to help.

The next day was Christmas day. Jenny and her sister woke up and ran downstairs to open up all their presents. Jenny heard a bark from the kitchen. It was a little Yorkie puppy! Jenny and her sister were so happy. Jenny loved everything especially the puppy. She gave her mom, dad and little sister a big hug. They loved all of their presents too.

This was what she loved about Christmas. The feeling of being happy and of making other people happy too.


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