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[-]  Are you like me? (are we alike)

you're 16.
you are not from North America/Europe.
you're not considered skinny, but you're not fat either.
you listen mostly to indie music.
you wear a particular ring every day.

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Last taken 3 hours ago

Created by alexjw
Medium - 75 142 G
[-]  Which Meghan Trainor song are you? 💃 đŸŽļ

🔊 All About That Bass 💃
You like to listen to music with the bass turned up loud.
It's pretty clear you're not a size 2.
You aren't shy about getting down on the dance floor! 💃

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Last taken 2 hours ago

Created by joybucket
Long - 126 2 G
[+]  Balls âšŊī¸đŸ’ƒ đŸĒŠ [True or False]

Long - 101 4 G
[+]  French words Americans use đŸ‡Ģ🇷 [True or False]

Long - 106 4 G
[+]  Facts About Me!

Medium - 45 1301 G
[+]  Words that start with SL [True or False]

Long - 101 10 G
[+]  About Me <3

Medium - 26 37 G
[+]  Do you like this song?

Medium - 25 98 G
[+]  If you were rich....[True or False X Survey]

Long - 118 11 G
[+]  Boxes đŸ“Ļ [True or False]

Long - 102 15 G

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~ Looking Back On This Year - Reflect and Reminisce ~

What Has Been Your Biggest Regret?
The One Thing You Are Most Proud Of?
Single Most Memorable Moment?
The Drink Of This Year?
Get Any Scars?

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Times Taken: 2019
Questions: 57
Created by almightypeaches

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dishwallafied took a survey called
Words that start with SO [True or False].

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dishwallafied took a survey called
Boxes đŸ“Ļ [True or False].

14 minutes ago

ava09 took a survey called
When you go, what you leave is a work of art on my chest, on my heart..

19 minutes ago

dishwallafied took a survey called
If you were rich....[True or False X Survey].

22 minutes ago

kezzievanescence took a survey called
Do you like this song?.

1 hour ago