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Self Overview:

You know I COULD put one of those fucking long ass paragraphs on here but you would never read it.

What label are you?
Do you believe the South will rise again?:no
Do you drive a car?:no
Do you live in a mobile home?:no
Is your car still primer gray?:no
Do you like country music?:no
Do you have a broken car in your back yard?:no
Total "yes"::0
Do you wear black eyeliner?:yeah
Is most of your clothing black?:yeah
Do you think about death often?:yeah
Do you want to die?:no
Are you a social outcast?:yeah
Are you pale?:yeah
Do you like Hot Topic?:yeah
Do you enjoy Tim Burton's movies?:yeah
Total "yes"::7
Skater Punk
Can you skateboard?:no
Do you wear Vans?:yeah
Do you do stupid stuff with your friends?:no
Have you gotten in trouble with the PIGS?:no
Do you listen to punk music?:yeah
Do you have any piercings?:yeah
Do you have/like Mohawks?:yeah
Do you wear band t-shirts?:yeah
Have you called someone a poser?:yeah
Total "yes"::6
Do you say the word "like" all the time?:no
Do you shop at Abercrombie & Fitch?:no
Are the A&F models hot?:no
Do you pop the collar?:no
Do the people in Hot Topic scare you?:no
The only nerd you like is Seth Cohen?:no
Do you watch Laguna Beach?:no
Do you like pop music?:no
Total "yes"::0
Is your hair long?:no
Do you own a tie-dye shirt?:yeah
Do you want peace?:yeah
Do you want to save the animals?:yeah
Do you think the war is unnecessary?:yeah
Is love essential in your life?:no
Have you smoked pot?:no
Do you go long periods of time without shaving?:no
Do you like classic rock and trippy music?:no
Total "yes"::4
Are you from the ghetto?:no
Do you wear do-rags?:no
Do you like Hip-hop?:no
Was Tupac truly the best rapper in the world?:no
Do you believe he's alive?:no
Do you like afros?:no
Have you ever said "fo"?:yeah
Do you buy Phat or G-Unit?:no
Total "yes"::1
Do you cry often?:yeah
Do you wear hoodies that cover your face?:yeah
Do you like soft music?:no
Do people misunderstand you?:yeah
Do you write your own songs?:yeah
Is your hair dyed dark?:no
Do you cut yourself?:no
Are you lonely?:yeah
Is Ohio for lovers?:no
Total "yes"::5
Do you surf?:no
Do you wear flip-flops year round?:no
Is your hair shaggy?:no
Do you wake up before 6 every morning?:no
Do you own any pairs of shorts?:yeah
Are you tan?:no
Do you have a lot of patience?:no
Do you want to be at the beach right now?:no
Do you hate tourists?:yeah
Total "yes"::2
Do you wear glasses?:no
Do you get good grades?:yeah
Do you use an inhaler?:yeah
Do you stick pens and calculators in your shirt pockets?:no
Did your mom pick out your clothes?:no
Are you on the computer often?:yeah
Do you ever get picked on?:yeah
Do you look forward to go to school?:no
Are you shy around the opposite sex?:no
Total "yes"::4
Repost with the 2 labels you have the most "yes" answers in.
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Three names you you are known by::
Three people you talk to everyday::
Three things you do daily::
*:Listen to music
*:Go to school
*:Go online
Three things you say a lot::
*:double u tee ef mate
Three musical artists you love::
*:Marilyn Manson
*:Cradle of Filth
Three people you find attractive::
*:Criss Angel
*:Brendon Urie
*:Mr. Shirley
Three things you do while on the computer::
*:Go on myspace
*:Read celebrity gossip
*:Do... stuff
Three movies you love::
*:Black Snake Moan
*:Moulin Rouge
Three physical traits you love in the opposite sex::
Three personality traits you love in the opposite sex::
*:Sense of humor
Three people you want to meet::
*:Marilyn Manson
*:Amy Lee
*:Dani Filth
Three of you favorite foods::
Three things you hear::
*:Cuss words
Three things on your desk::
Three things/people you are thinking about::
*:Judge Judy
*:My doggy
*:My shoe
Three favorite colors::
Last three people you've talked to::
Last three people who have called you::
*:Samantha's mom
Last three people you have called::
*:Paris Hilton
Three favorite classes::
*:no others ) :
Three favorite actresses::
*:Angelina Jolie
*:Reese Witherspoon
*:Gwyneth Paltrow
Three favorite actors::
*:Bruce Willis
*:Jude Law
*:Ashton Kutcher
Three favorite professional athletes::
*:none ) :
Three favorite stores::
*:Hot Topic
*:Victoria's Secret : )
Three people you used to be super close to, but aren't anymore::
Three things laying on your bed::
*:Stuffed animal (got a problem?)
Three favorite things to cuddle with::
*:Stuffed animal
Three favorite people to talk to on messenger::
*:I don't know who else...
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~pass 8th grade
~don't get thrwn into exile
~find a boyfriend that likes me for who I am (in the real world)
~actually being able to fulfill my rape list (but not getting sent to jail and giving Spencer Smith another lawsuit)
~meeting Marilyn Manson
~asking Tim Skold about his medical history

~lose a few pounds
~the cds my mom won't let me have


Music: The Used, Buckcherry, Marilyn Manson, Slipknot, Evanescence, Cradle of Filth, Taking Back Sunday, Maroon 5, AFI, Scarling, Bullet for my Valentine, Rob Zombie, Evans Blue, Panic! at the Disco, Shinedown, Skinny Puppy, Nine Inch Nails, Jack off Jill, Trapt, 30 Seconds to Mars, Oasis, Nickelback, The Sex Pistols, Korn, Linkin Park, Fleetwood Mac, anything except rap or country.

Actors/Actresses:Winona Ryder, Rose McGowan, Brooke Shields, Bruce Willis, Demi Moore, Matthew Broderick

Rape List:Spencer Smith - Jeordie White - Matthew Broderick - Brendon Urie - Tim Skold - Sid Viscious(but he's dead ):) - Ginger Fish - Liam Gallagher - Jude Law - Davey Havok - Joey Jordison - Frank Iero - Jared Leto

Username:aerpstlntxmorgan (user #230421)
Interests:(149) 60s pop culture, Cradle of Filth, 1940s, 40s cinema, adhesives, Aleister Crowley, Amityville, Amy Lee, anti-poseurs, bassists, Bettie Page, Betty Grable, black, black nail polish, bondages, Brendon Urie, burlasque dancers, candy, Charles Manson, chihuahuas named Killer Queen, comatose, concerts, controversy, corsets, cults, cussing , dandies in the ghetto, dani Filth, Davey Havok, death, Desperate Housewives, Dita von Teese, doritos, drawing scarlet letters on myself, drummists, dyed hair, Edward Gein, Emily Strange, emo, eyeliner, Family Guy, fetishism, fishnets, flamingos, friday night football games, Fright Rags, garters, genocides, Ginger Fish, Gir, goth culture, guitar, guitar,, guys, harlequin girls, haunted houses, hearts, heavy metal, hell, Hitler, Holocaust, homocides, horror movies, Hot Topic, indie bands, internet, Invader Zim, iPods, japan, japanese porn, jelly bracelets, Jeordie White, Jessicka, John Wayne Gacy, jolly ranchers, keyboards, Kingdom of Hearts, knee high socks, knock on wood, leg warmers, lemons, leprecauhns, lingerie photography, local bands, love, lyricists, makeup, Marilyn Manson, Marilyn Monroe, mascara, masochism, metal, movies, music, myspace, non-conformists, Notre Dame, obituaries, Ozzfest, Pac Sun, pain, palid skin, photography, pin-ups, plastic nails, Playboy models, Pogo, quizzes, rain && rainbows, regal fashion, Renassaince, retro, Richard Ramirez, Rocky Horror, roses, rouge, Rupert Grint, sadism, screamo, shag cuts, shotgun weddings, singing, skulls, soap operas, spencer smith, spongebob, Stuart Townsend, studded belts, suicides, tarot cards, tea, television, Temptation, testosterone boys, the 80s, ties, Tim Skold, TiVo, Tripp, Twiggy Lawson, uniqueness, vampirism, Vans, vegas, vegetarianism, vixen red lipstick, vulgar, wicca, witchcraft, world war 2
Last Login:Sunday, April 15, 2007
Created:2007-02-04 17:23:16
I smoke:Never
I drink:Never
Ethnicity:White or Caucasian
Body Type:Average
Children:They're great, but no thanks
Education:In High School
Wouldn't Mind:Friendships
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