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Username:hopeforsaken (user #113748)
Interests:(143) 24-hour clocks, advil, alice in wonderland, angel wings, angelina jolie, astrology, avenged sevenfold, beads, being spoiled, black, black and white photographs, black and white pictures, black cats, black hair, black lights, black nail polish, black velvet, blood-red rose petals, bondage pants, boots, boxers, bracelets, candles, candy kids, cherry 7-up, cherry tootsie pops, chocolate pudding, chokers, cloudy days, clubbing, coffee, computer games, computers, converse, crescent moons, cute white boys, cutting, d-10, dallas, deep thinkers, defiance, donnie darko, dookie avs, dragons, drawing, dreaming, drugs, elves, eyebrow piercings, eyeliner, faeries, fantasy, fire, fishnet, flaming people, flannel pants, fooling around, getting wasted, gir, giving attitude, glass shards, glow sticks, guitar, guys named john, hacking, haze, holey jeans, hoodies, intelligence, johnny depp, kick boxing, kisekae, kissing, knives, long shoelaces, mangos, mini skirts, mixing drinks, music, neon soda, nirvana, nymphs, openness, partying, pencil sketches, perfect circle, pink, pirating, pixi stix, plaid, poetry, post-it reminders, procrastinating, punk, rain, raver bracelets, raving, rings, rollercoasters, root beer floats, rpgs, rusty razor blades, safety pins, sarcasm, satin underwear, sex, shrooms, silver nail polish, silverchair, sitting on my ass, smashing pumpkins, smile empty soul, spending money, spikes, sprites, starbursts, strawberry shortcake, strobe lights, studded belts, sugar-free bubble gum, talking shit, talking to strangers, tattoos, teardrops, technology, the nightmare before christmas, the pink panther, thrice, thunder storms, ties, toe socks, vanilla lotion, vanilla milkshakes, violins, walking in the rain, wallet chains, washing cars, whipped cream, white lace, white tigers, wizard of oz, writing, zippers
Last Login:Tuesday, August 30, 2005
Created:2005-08-30 22:20:46
I smoke:Regularly
I drink:Regularly
Ethnicity:White or Caucasian
Body Type:Petite
Education:High School Grad

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