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♥ I'm christina
♥they call me tina for short
♥and only if i like u, u can call me tink
♥i'm 16
♥my life is pretty boring
♥the town i live in is called HIGH land
♥so u kno what we are doing.. (lol)
♥school is HELL
♥i like haning out with my friends()
I ♥ joel madden! and i like Gc i dont fucking care what u have to say! so shut the fuck up!
♥this is a fucked up town!!
♥i hate mostly all the people in my town
i love my friends
my best friend amanda
Amanda-Sara-Cyn~the gang
♥i am CrAzY!!
i love weed!
♥i love weed parties
i hate it when ppl are mad at you, but wont tell u whats wrong
♥i am single and heartbroken and looking
♥the best way to get over someone is to get under someone else
♥i am a junior
♥i have blond hair and green eyes
♥i like to shopp
♥i am not preppy though
i love my chihauhau
♥i am a clepto
i have really bad manners
♥i get annoyed at people easily
♥if i dont like u or u annoy me ill be a bitch to you
♥most of the time dont care what others think
♥i am def. original
♥i listen to every type of music
♥i have no life
i am obsessed with lj
♥i am a bigg bitch
♥i hate fighting...
♥i am loud and obnoxious
either you love me, or find me really annoying

You're so predictable no shadow of doubt
when you are suffering know who sold you out
Fuck your opinions
Fuck your lack of spine
When you are miserable
Know that I'm just fine

Talk to Me:

xlie2mex89 <--- AIM
xlet_me_gox <--- Livejournal
Yankeesbabe02@aol.com <--- Aol/Mail

To Graduate, and become a phycologist

Username:letxmexgo (user #113457)
Interests:(126) 50cent, adam brody, aeropostale, air duster, all american rejects, being a pervert, being happy, black and white pictures, botards, bowling for soup, boys, brand new, broken hearts, butterfingers, candy, cds, cherry soda, chihuahuas, chinese food, clothes, clothes shopping, computers, crying, cuddling, cursing, dancing, dashboard confessional, devon sawa, drugs, dvds, earings, early november, eating, eminem, eyeliner, eyes, fairs, fall out boy, farting, fireworks, flip flops, fm static, friends, garbage, good charlotte, gossip girl, guys, hair, having money, hawthorne hieghts, hip-hop music, hot guys, hugs, icons, inside jokes, jay and silent bob, jimmy eat world, joel madden, junk food, kelly clarkson, kissing, lip gloss, make-up, makein fun of people, mall, maryjane, mest, monkeys, mountain dew, movies, mtv, mtv2, music, nelly, new found glory, nicknames, no doubt, not another teen movie, old navy, online, piercings, pins, pjs, polka dots, posters, pot, punk music, punk'd, rap, reading books, red bull, shoes, shopping, shrek, sleeping, sleepovers, smile empty soul, smiling, smirnoff, soda, softball, something corporate, south park, spaghetti, stars, steve-o, story of the year, sum41, swear words, swimming, talking on the phone, tatoos, tears, teen novels, the 80's, the early november, the notebook, the smiths, the spill canvas, the used, theres something about mary, thongs, three days grace, trapt, vacations., ¢¾
Last Login:Monday, August 29, 2005
Created:2005-08-28 19:33:35
I smoke:Regularly
I drink:Sometimes
Ethnicity:White or Caucasian
Body Type:No Answer
Education:In High School
Wouldn't Mind:Friendships

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