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So let's put the things about me in general :D
I'm currently taken by the love of my life as of 11-01-08<3 IloveyouAisha :D I'm Thirteen and a half,and I make the wish June 13th.I love color,rainbows are sexy.I love little things,like pillows,little pebbles,flower petals,ect.I love stuffed animals like woah.I'm basically still a kid at heart,but I know when to be mature.gloomy bear is awesome[: I love to draw,but it seems I have no time to draw.I love to sing,maybe I'll sing in front of a crowd one day.Music is my drug.I prefer Alternative,screamo,electro,ectectect.Rap and Country are not even at the bottom of my list[: I'm starting to slowly change,and so is my life.I'm barely loud anymore,only around her.I'm starting to read alot.I spend whatever day I have left on the computer.I'm so freakishly tall for my age[: I love lolitas and visual kei,its sexy<3 Animeconsftw. I'm trying not to cuss so much,so if you hear me say Son of a mother duck,tried not to laugh xD I dye and cut my own hair,like it?[: I wish to do something artsy when I grow up.Sing,graphic design,animation,interior design,act,iunno,any are fine with me.I love wolfies and foxes[: I love videogames.Kingdom Hearts is sexy<3 andddd I dont know what else to put,so I'll edit this later[:


Get better at singing and drawing
Grow my hair out
unlock all the characters on all of my SSB games<3
Get all A's this year to prove I'm not stupid.
Start a band.
Lose 10+ more pounds[:


A wittle bunny rabbit<3
More Lolita dresses
For my camera to work >:C


Username:toboegirl (user #332998)
Interests:(2) , Music,drawing,writing,reading,video gaming,anime,manga,sexy hair,long walks,swimming,ramen,coke,water,stuffed animals,necklaces,wristbands,bows,singing,shota cat,making signs,making crazy art,fixing peoples hair,sleeping,dressing up,cosplaying,anime cons,
Last Login:Tuesday, March 5, 2013
Created:2009-09-13 18:09:37
I smoke:Never
I drink:Never
Ethnicity:White or Caucasian
Body Type:Average
Education:No Answer
Wouldn't Mind:Friendships
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